Mentalization based psychotherapy (MBT) and Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)


We zijn heel blij senior professionals te kunnen uitnodigen voor de tweedaagse masterclass van Roslyn Law, een expert op het gebied van kinderen en adolescenten met depressie en andere psychische problemen. Roslyn Law heeft de behandelmethode IPT succesvol geïntegreerd met MBT. Deze gecombineerde methode blijkt bijzonder krachtig.
Voor kinderen, adolescenten en hun ouders heeft zij een toegankelijk en bruikbaar (werk)boek geschreven, Defeating Teenage Depression; getting there together

Combining IPT and MBT

Mentalizing – attending to mental states in oneself and others in order to understand intention and behaviour – has been described as ‘the most fundamental common factor among psychotherapeutic techniques’. It is the basis of mentalization based therapy, which aims to reduce emotional and behavioural difficulties for children, adolescents and adults, who are often parents.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is an evidence based intervention, which has been used to treat depression across the lifespan, from mothers struggling to bond with their new born child, preadolescents and adolescents with depression and anxiety to parents with depression whose children are attending mental health services.

The integration of these approaches has gained considerable attention in recent years because of their shared interest in the nature and significance of interpersonal interactions and their role in the evolution and maintenance of mental health difficulties. In the UK, the use of mentalization based techniques is a formal part of the Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents (IPT-A) curriculum in a national training programme for the children and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) workforce. This is an opportunity, in the words of Peter Fonagy, one of the originators of MBT, to make IPT the best IPT it can be.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at clinicians working with young people and their parents in an attempt to help them to understand themselves and each other better. Clinicians from range of training backgrounds, and with basic understanding of IPT and MBT, are welcome to attend. The workshop will explore ways in which each approach compliments and enhances the other, highlighting opportunities to consolidate the use of Mentalization techniques in IPT and to inform therapists using Mentalization based treatment about strategies to extend attention to the wider network. We aim to celebrate our ‘not knowing stance’ and to learn from each other.
This means that the following professionals are invited to attend:

Health psychologists working with children and adolescentes / GZ-psychologen K&J
Psychotherapists / Psychotherapeuten K&J
Clinical psychologists / Klinisch Psychologen
Pedagogues / Orthopedagogen Generalist
Systems therapists / Systeemtherapeuten

This workshop will employ a combination of didactic teaching, discussion of clinical illustrations, including those provided by course participants, demonstrations and participant and tutor led role-plays.

Aim of the course


Explain and develop skills in the practical applications of mentalization based therapy techniques within the IPT framework
Recognize breaks in mentalization in therapists, clients and members of the wider interpersonal network
Implement techniques for restoring mentalization in therapists and clients, following practice in role plays
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